Now or Never!

Amateur;  I am!   Nevertheless, the courage to kick start seemed little rigid. I made it !!  Did I?   Time for your verdict!

An average doer(guess you agree to that, huh??). Let’s see how far I could fly!  Musing on life since sometime, Look at the chaos; it’s a rat race out there!! Yet, am Not less inspired!!  Could I ever expertise my skills in this Cope-Rat- e- Space? Maybe, you would be better judgmental on this. Hmmm… I have taken the audacity, only to explore myself and the world around; with less sighted!!! Few more minutes and am done. Deliberately desiring not to get wasted away before I travel miles  & smile with the unknown power & peers.

So, here’s  a mustard outlet I thought, could crack myself for a Wonder-Fool Re-Cip-Yee!!!  Am here to mind and not; so- minded on the trivial & tsunami-c issues which needs bounded support system from each of us. Yet, another beautiful trip to enjoy & exploit myself.

Hope the cracked fragrance of the yellow seed will be a complete palette for all. I presume; am good at:  ‘out-of -the-blue’ poems, short stories on anything that Pops-up, fashion, culture,(am not being too boastful on my unseen skills… eeee) ! Wish to pen, pondering stuffs on life’s various shades that triggers both nice-ness and naturalist in many of us. I welcome all, to the newness in me which may be Now or Never!! Please be crazy & yourself when reading my blog. Be You, which is the BEST!  WordPress Post


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