Neon Night!!

Though it seems hollow, that’s the beauty of it. Am sure the more you gaze into the dark sky, you allow the most ambiguous thoughts from within! This is another treat to our eyes which awakens the poets & pacifier in us. Is it the boldness or the bleakness that makes the night sky more awe struck!! Let’s just dwell into the unseen corners of this dark damsel .. it may be romantic for those cupid struck lots!!! then the Shakespeare-ins whose descriptive words lures others. Nonetheless. the tiny toddlers who may need the mother’s warmth feels like a fullness of stars twinkling in their virtual eyes!!!

Last night, an exaggerated  twilight was the nature’s; by far the most mind boggling, moonlight; I ever saw in years. It was an impeccable sight which of course, got me to bed very composed & calm with a thankful prayer to the supreme. Alas! what a perfect blend of light & night! Is this the true obsolete creation which is very less honored? Let’s be haughty enough to express the twilight zone for a complete compliment!

Take a moment to enjoy the stars which twinkles to tickle our mind’s eye & elites us to a content feeling of this bold & beautiful night watch! Am in all Words spree for Night Gaze & The Moonlight Mania . However, lethargic I seem now, cant stop myself from indulging in the enchanting beauty of darkness . Before I pause, the irony is ; the dark power fumes out all goodness  & graciousness which is not godly.

The ease of describing nature’s hood is one’s opportunity need be explored. I love to be cozy and warm glaring at the dark blanket of bizarre and black sky. Am wondering how would anyone ignore this darkness only to notice the starry spread so subtle in nature .  Spirit’s high, to claim nature’s most highest & honored roof-top!!!

indulge in the vastness of the dark beauty to be provoked in Neon Night.. Nighty Night Adios  Amigos!!



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