The In-Visible CAMEra-aid!!!

Where’s the Camera? Its with you? “No; It’s not ” !! I confidently replied. ‘Am sure it’s in your room, Sam!! “Go & get the camera without wasting time ” snarled; my (Brattish) brother! I frantically fast forwarded the day.(huh… so this was an actual CAME-RAid ?? sigh..)

The loop begins

It was a perfect day for a celebration. Woke up with a thanks giving note to the supreme power. We started preparing ourselves for the right swing on this Frolic Friday! Since the festive fling was ‘full on’ few days back, we could already see ourselves in the traditional attire for Onam! The illusion started with-  Wow!! the flower carpets, the Sadhya, the Ladies in ‘Setu-Mundu’; gents in the most authentic Kurtha-dhothy. It was admiringly adorable. We young ladies started the makeover session quite early & eagerly. Since I was good at draping the set-mundu; I had to help my adorable Sis-in-Law which took hardly 5 minutes & then it was me, Myself & me on the verge of looking the best( i guess an attempt was made, but i lost it; Tincu!!). OK… In like; one hour we ladies were ready to bash ourselves to the Onam Feast without much time. Wait!! It’s not yet time.. before we gulp the Soulful Sadhya; she exclaimed!!  don’t we need to capture the magic of this day?? I said, (without a doubt) of course’!!  There goes the crazy Chics, for the  ‘groupfies’, ‘selfies’, ‘premam-fies'(side bent was too much..ehum eheeum. guess you got it!) which continued in our lush-full garden(mom’s painstaking supervision).


The secondss- half

Finally, the alarm went ON!! Our dearest friends came honking in their small forutne to scoop us . All jumped into the car to the fiesta!! ooohhh.. what a place to be for Onam… the floral carpet, the reception was filled with a complete tranquility in spite of the bash.. we suddenly looked around. We could see how each eye pierced deep into our make-over look which we obviously, ignored to nuts!! There again, the magic moments were captured,yet another pose-ying.. smile-ying… and enjoying. alright, (no more capturing the Ma-chik mom-ends)!! The Sadhya was finally served in the most composed & charming fashion. We had a start up with the Banana & Jaggery  chips. hmm…. the crispiness of each bite… exhilarating!!! Now we started blending the sambhar with rice & the relishing accompaniments . Wait.. a minute.. though the food was authentic, it was served quite cold. Aha!! it’s then, we realized we were the last to serve on the guest forum..and the Payasam.. not to mention; we had to literally dip our head into the bottom to finally taste a pinch of it. So what now????  Could you believe this?? Payasam was exhausted without a second serving.

The Director’s shot

The show was about to finish and then here comes my brave Brother; Sam! the party is over, hand me the camerAAAA!!! HUH???? I thought I gave you as soon as we reached home.NO, You dint!! What’s the actual scene??  Now this was exactly I claimed back !! what is the scene or it’s scene-contra( Malayalam dialogue) dude!!! as per his memory slot; there wasn’t an incident as such; where I handed the in-camera!!

The final verdict!! The In camera is still  In-Visible!! All the magic moments are In-visibly visible!!!

The moral of the story: Why loose your festive mood on an abrupt CAME-Ra-id which ultimately grips your positive aura!!!

Guess the story hangs on a thread line  that needs a trim!!WordPress Post


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